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Trainer Edition: How To Potty Train Your Dog

By: Hannah Rose Swanson

February 2, 2021 • 5 mins read

Dogs are the greatest companions and we would undoubtedly be lonely without them. However, we all want our dogs to be on their best behavior when it comes to…


Dog Parks, Cliques, And Making Fetch Happen

By: Hannah Rose Swanson

March 8, 2021 • 9 mins read

We’re all familiar with the feeling. You walk towards a new crowd, you want to speed up and get there, but also want to appear cool so you maintain…


Dear Mary Puppins: My Dog is Ruining Zoom Meetings

By: Hannah Richter

April 8, 2021 • 6 mins read

Hannah Richter (aka Mary Puppins) is a certified dog trainer and current instructor at Andrea Arden Dog Training in NYC. If you have something you want to ask Mary Puppins…

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